Bulwell cat watch

Cat Census

Bulwell has a community of stray cats. Cats Protection wants to work with people in Bulwell to control cat numbers and make sure they are looked after – this will be good for the community and for cats.

We can sort things out by keeping tabs on the strays, but we need your help.

Snap a moggy
We’re asking you to take a picture of a stray cat if you see one, using the Bulwell Cat Watch app. It’s quick and easy. Uploading a photo will help Cats Protection know how many strays there are so we can help control numbers.

Step one: Download the app for free now from the Google Play store or the App store. Search for ‘Bulwell Cat Watch’.
Step two: Next time you see a Bulwell cat that you think doesn’t have an owner, take a photo and send it to us using the app.
Step three: Get on with whatever you were doing! (Until the next time you see a cat to snap.)

Bulwell is the first place in the UK to use the app – other places with stray cats will follow Bulwell’s lead. So, we want the Bulwell Cat Watch to be as big as possible – the more cats we can snap, the better!

Find out more
Talk to us about cats in Bulwell and Bulwell Cat Watch, stay in the loop on the latest and find out how you can get involved.
  1. Drop in and talk to us
    Where? Crabtree Community Centre, Steadfold Close, NG6 8AX
    When? Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am-6pm, from now till mid-November
    OR AT
    Bulwell Tesco Community Room
    Thursdays and Saturdays 12-4pm and Friday’s 4-8pm, from now till mid-November
    What for? Share your experience of unowned cats and find out more about Bulwell Cat Watch. After-school activities, free goodies and events through autumn.
  2. Follow us on social media to stay in the loop
    Facebook: Bulwell Cat Watch
  3. Ask your friends and family to do the same!

For further info please get in touch with Jane Clements, Cats Protection Neutering Manager
T: 07976 432 389
E: jane.clements@cats.org.uk